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Logo Duo Nello

“Le duo Nello est un groupe qui aime jouer pour la danse”

Duo Nello

The duo Nello, formed by Claire and Gabriel, is a group that likes to play for the dance. Although they are young, they will play all their cards to delight the ears of the dancers and listeners: singing, accordion, bagpipes, Irish whistle, clarinet, guitar...

Their repertoire, based on the traditional music of France, will make you travel through the emotions, making you hit the floor, waltz on it or lose your head, in the middle of their colorful and touching universe.Translated with DeepL

Live Sessions

A Nos Espoirs and Bleu Azur are two compositions of the duo, that we had the opportunity to record

Album - Le Pouce et l'Index

Recorded in july 2021


Duo Nello

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